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While we all anticipate the upcoming release of director Christopher Nolan’s summer blockbuster movie Dunkirk, the authors of the Facebook Second World War Club have joined together to offer you more tales of WWII beyond Dunkirk.
From 7/21 to 7/27, more than 40 WWII fiction authors will discount their books to 99c (99 pence) to bring you back in time to witness the harrowing experience, as well as stories of courage, bravery, and sacrifices, in a war that impacted the entire world.
But that’s not all . . .
In the upcoming weeks and through 7/27, we will be sharing with you on this page:
·         Blog posts on Dunkirk and WWII especially written by some of our authors
·         Podcast readings by The Book Speaks of some of the books to be offered on sale
·         Rafflecopter giveaways of print copies of WWII fiction novels
·         Movie review of “Dunkirk”
·         Our authors’ pick of a list of Top 40 WWII Movies
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 My contribution to this sale is - We Never Said I Love you at 99 cents

After surviving the sinking of the Arizona at Pearl Harbor, Adrian Wilson finds himself on yet another ship running the German blockade of England. When this ship is sunk in the Atlantic Ocean, he ends up in an English hospital. Badly wounded and dispirited, he believes he is a jinx. Julie, an English nurse, tends to his emotional and physical wounds and love soon blossoms between them. A foolish misunderstanding leads to a heated argument and he and Julie part in bitterness.
On returning to the hospital to sort things out between them once and for all, Adrian is shocked to discover Julie has been banished because she is pregnant. Amidst the chaos of wartime London, he begins a desperate search for her.

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Stories of WWII: December 1941:


On December 7th 1941, a pivotal event took place that changed the face of World War II. Hundreds of Japanese fighter planes carried out a devastating surprise attack on the American naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. By December 11th, the United States was at war with the Axis Powers in the Pacific and European theaters. World War II raged for almost another four years, but the entry of the world’s greatest economy into the conflict profoundly influenced its course.

This wide-ranging collection of eight stories by a diverse group of authors, who write wartime fiction, commemorates the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Pearl Harbor. Few people’s lives were unaffected in some way by that fateful day and these stories reflect this. Some of them are set at Pearl Harbor itself, in other parts of the United States and in Singapore. Other stories take place in Europe: occupied France, Germany and Northern Ireland. They explore the experiences of U.S. servicemen and women, a German Jew, Japanese Americans, a French countess, an Ulster Home Guard, and many others.

We hope readers will enjoy our salute to the people and the events of this momentous era. 

Available at the following online booksellers: 

Amazon USA  |  Amazon UK  |  Amazon CA  |  Amazon DE  |  Amazon AU

Nook  |  iTunes  |  Kobo  |  !Indigo  |  Books2Read


Time to Go

by Margaret Tanner:

A young sailor, who died at Pearl Harbor, finally meets his soulmate on the 75th Anniversary of the battle. Will she be prepared to leave the 21st century, and pass through a portal into the other world with him? Or will they forever remain apart?

Excerpt from Time to Go:

Saturday, December 6, 1941 – Pearl Harbor

     “Aw, come on, Frank, be a buddy and double date – Gloria is a real peach. I was going to put the hard word on Shelly tonight. I’ll have no chance if we aren’t alone, and I don’t want to waste this overnight leave. Might be our last for a while.”

     “I’m sick of you lining up blind dates for me all the time, Muzz. I’ve told you a hundred times before. I know the kind of girl I want to marry.”

     Muzz laughed. “Who’s talking about marriage? Gloria would be just a date.”

     “What the heck.” Frank capitulated. “I guess it will be better than going to the movies on my own.” The least he could do was help out his best buddy.

     “You haven’t even met your dream girl yet, Frank. Probably never will,” said another of his shipmates.

     “I’m prepared to wait.” Frank knew some of his fellow sailors on board the Arizona thought he was an oddity. Maybe he was. He could visualize the girl he wanted. His soul mate. Shiny blue eyes, dark curls and a lovely smile. Not to mention her generous heart.

     Since being in the Navy, he had visited many ports and met many young women, but none of them had been his dream girl. She had to be out there somewhere. Perhaps he should wait until the war ended. There again, if he was on a ship required for convoy duties in the North Atlantic, he would probably get leave in England. Maybe his girl was waiting there.

     He adjusted his uniform before taking one last look in the mirror positioned above the top bunk. With a shrug of resignation, he followed Muzz out of their quarters. 

About Margaret Tanner:

Margaret Tanner is an award-winning, multi-published Australian author who writes Historical Romance and Western Romance. She loves delving into the pages of history as she carries out her research and prides herself on being historically correct. No book is too old or tattered for her to trawl through, no museum too dusty or cemetery too overgrown.

Her favorite historical periods are the First and Second World Wars.

Margaret is married and has three grown sons and two gorgeous little granddaughters. Outside of her family and friends, writing is her passion.

Connect with Margaret Tanner:

Website | Blog | Facebook | Goodreads | Amazon Author Page

Hashtag:  #PearlMore

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Old-fashion Cinnamon Candy

By Paty Jager

Thanksgiving to Christmas our house has always been filled with aromas of baking.  Spices, chocolate, sweetness.  The counters overflow with baked goods cooling, piled on plates, and carefully layered in airtight containers. The freezer becomes a booby-trapped appliance with bags and containers of goodies shoved in every available space.  

The wonderful smells mingle with pumpkin pie, turkey, ham, and at Christmas the tang of pine and cinnamon.  I’ve heard it said smells can trigger memories. Any time I smell the nostril tingling scent of cinnamon I’m taken back to the two-story farm house my parents, siblings, and grandparents lived in when I was young. My grandmother’s claim to fame at Christmas was her cinnamon candy.  

Here is the recipe: Old-fashion Cinnamon Candy

1 pint Karo syrup

2 cups sugar

1 bottle cinnamon oil

6 drops red food coloring

powdered sugar, desired amount for coating


1)      In a sauce pan, bring syrup and sugar to the hard- crack stage—about 300 to 310 degrees.

2)      Add cinnamon oil and food coloring.

3)      Stir quickly and pour into a well greased cookie sheet.

4)      Let candy harden.

5)      Crack into pieces and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

In my Christmas story in the Silver Belles and Stetsons Christmas Anthology, Christmas Redemption, the hero has been in prison for ten years for something he participated in as a young man. When he returns home to confront his father, he finds his mother in her kitchen baking. The smells take him back to his childhood.

Blurb for Christmas Redemption:

Van Donovan returns to Pleasant Valley, Oregon where twelve years earlier as a boy of fifteen he left in handcuffs after standing guard for a bank robbery. He's learned a trade and excelled at it and is ready to prove to his father and the town he can amount to something.

Upon his return he learns the fate of the daughter of an innocent man who died in the robbery crossfire. To make amends he takes her out of the saloon and gives her a job, not realizing she'd been squatting in the very building he'd purchased for his business.

Can two battered hearts find solace or will the past continue to haunt their lives?

You can find this and nine other historical western romance Christmas novellas in Silver Belles and Stetsons.

Silver Belles and Stetsons
Ten Western Romance Christmas Novellas
Available as a boxed set for a limited time

Bestselling and Award-Winning Authors bring you ten western romance novellas featuring alpha-cowboys from the past. This boxed set will take you back in time when
men were rugged and handsome and the women who loved them, courageous and

* * *

The Greatest Gift: A Montana Cowboy Christmas by Kathleen Ball. Amazon Bestselling
and Award- Winning Author. Looking for the man who ran out on her, Ginger finds a
cowboy worthy of love but he doesn't want or need love.

Catherine’s Cowboy by Cait Braxton, Amazon Bestselling and Award-Winning Author.  During a supernatural dust storm, Fate steps in when rugged army tracker Elam helps Catherine deliver her child.

Stone Mountain Christmas by Caroline Clemmons, Amazon Bestselling and Award-Winning Author. Can Celia restore the town's Christmas spirit? "A beautifully written story about love and hope and all the emotions Christmas brings out in people." Karren Lucas

Angel and the Texan from County Cork by Carra Copelin.  Amazon Bestselling and Award-Winning Author. Does Angel trust marriage to the man she suspects of killing her husband or the stranger who promises to pay off her debt and set her free if she decides their marriage of convenience won’t work?

The Drifter’s Proposal by Kristin Holt, Amazon Bestselling Author. The baker's man is home for Christmas... "Compelling. Heartwarming. Tender." ~Diane Darcy, USA Today Bestselling Author

The Perfect Gift by Lyn Horner. Friendship has blossomed into young love, but it seems destined to die on the vine...until an unexpected Christmas gift promises happiness.

 Marshal Mistletoe by Susan Horsnell. She married the wrong man. Will fate intervene?

Christmas Redemption by Paty Jager, Amazon Bestselling and Award-Winning Author. Can two battered hearts find solace or will the past continue to haunt their lives? "A story of forgiveness that has a wonderful hero who has worked hard to redeem himself."

A Hard Candy Christmas by Hebby Roman, Amazon Bestselling Author. Two damaged souls. Can their budding love and the healing power of Christmas bring them together?

Cowboy Christmas by Margaret Tanner. Will a miracle Christmas baby unite two tortured souls, or will it forever keep them apart?

BUY LINKS:   Amazon

Award-winning author Paty Jager and her husband raise alfalfa hay in rural eastern Oregon. On her road to publication she wrote freelance articles for two local newspapers and enjoyed her job with the County Extension service as a 4-H Program Assistant. Raising hay and cattle, riding horses, and battling rattlesnakes, she not only writes the western lifestyle, she lives it.

All her work has Western or Native American elements in them along with hints of humor and engaging characters. Her penchant for research takes her on side trips that eventually turn into yet another story.

You can learn more about Paty at

her website; 

Newsletter: Paty’s Prattle:

twitter  @patyjag.



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Watch this pace for more information on this heart wrenching story, all the more powerful and poignant, because it is true.

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I have just done a talk at my local library regarding my research for my World War 1 romance novels.


Special Centenary Edition containing three novels depicting three different women who triumph over tragedy during the 1st world War.

A hundred years ago, from the far flung corners of the British Empire, young men rushed to fight for Mother England. They left their wives and sweethearts behind. Many of these brave women waited in vain for their men folk to return. How did they cope with the loss and heartache? Could they ever hope to find happiness with another man? Three full novels, each telling a brave young woman’s story of triumph over tragedy and adversity. Allison’s War, Daring Masquerade and Lauren’s Dilemma.

 Allison’s War:
In 1916, on the French battlefields, a dying soldier’s confession has the power to ruin the woman he loves.

Daring Masquerade:
Harriet Martin masquerades as a boy so she can work with her shell-shocked brother, falling in love with her boss wasn’t part of the plan.

Lauren’s Dilemma:
Lauren Cunningham, carrying the out-of-wedlock child of a soldier, marries another man who is unjustly tried for murder. To save his life, will she publicly admit her sin, and risk the diabolical consequences that will surely follow?






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Hi everyone,
My friday freebits is taken from my novel Falsely Accused.
Don't for get to check out the other authors' Friday Freebits


I’m going to see if they’ll let me speak with the surgeon,” Maryanne said.

“What’s the use, I’m going to die.” Libby started retching again.

“No you aren’t. Remember our pact. We will survive. Come on.” She took hold of the Irish girl’s hand. “Repeat after me. We will survive. We will survive.”

“Oh God, not feeling like this I won’t.”

“You will.”

Puddles of vomit squelched under Maryanne’s feet. The ship pitched and swayed even more dramatically, so as not to lose her footing, she grabbed on to the berths and edged along sideways. Fortunately, they were fairly close to the hatchway otherwise she never would have made it.

“Guard, are you there?” she yelled.

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For my Friday Freebits, I would like to present you with more of my historical romance novel, Falsely Accused.

Please check the other participants in the Friday Freebits at

I’m not hungry.”

“You soon will be. This is a feast compared to what you get on the prison hulks.” Libby pulled two coarse looking biscuits out of her pocket and Maryanne forced herself to nibble on one.

“Where did you get these from?” she asked the Irish girl.

“A friend.”


“I bought them, along with a few other things. You can buy extras if you’ve got coin in your pocket.” Libby gave a mirthless laugh. “I’ve got nothing left now; I’ve been here eight months.”

“Eight months, and you’re still waiting for a ship?” Maryanne wondered fearfully how long she would be able to survive in this dreadful, disease-ridden place.

“Yes, when my coin ran out, I bartered the only other thing I possessed. I mean to survive, no matter what I have to do.”

“I’ve got nothing to barter with. All I possess is this old rag I’m wearing.” Maryanne glanced down at the filthy black taffeta gown she had worn for weeks. No wonder she felt so dirty and degraded.

“I know. That’s why I felt sorry for you when they dumped you off here, you had absolutely nothing. Most of us carried something when we came in, even if it was just a bundle of rags.”