Thursday, April 23, 2009


The Trouble with Playboys, my latest novel from The Wild Rose Press is out today.

It was previously published under the title of Forbidden Love but has been virtually re-written.

It is set during the 2nd World War in Australia, Malaya, Singapore and England

This story is very dear to my heart as my late father served in Singapore and Malaya during the 2nd World war and I based some of the story on his experiences. He was engaged to my mother at the time, and wrote frequently to her. She kept all his letters and I had access to them when I was doing my research. They were such poignant letters they brought tears to my eyes.

When a wealthy Englishman, Paul Ashfield, travels to Australia in search of the birth-mother he thinks deserted him, he never expects to meet and fall in love with Daphne Clarke. Upon meeting her parents, Paul is horrified by the possibility that they have the same mother. He departs quickly, believing he has slept with his sister.
Amidst the turmoil of World Ward 2, they meet again in Singapore, where they discover the truth - they are not siblings. They marry as the Japanese pour into Malaya and Singapore teeters on the brink of invasion. In the chaotic aftermath, each believes the other has died during the bombing. Heartbroken, Paul returns home, agreeing to an arranged marriage. In a race against time, Daphne must reach her husband before he marries another woman.