Friday, February 19, 2010

WILD OATS - release 26th Feb 2010

Well, it is nearly here. My novel, Wild Oats, which is a prequel to The Trouble With Playboys, is due for release from The Wild Rose Press on Friday. I can't wait.

Beautiful and beguiling Allison Waverley has grown up helping her brother Jim run their farm, helped by their good friend Tommy Calvert, while their father occupies himself as the town drunk. When their little Australian community is visited by English aristocrat Phillip Ashfield and the boys go off to join the army because war has broken out in Europe, the life Allison expected to live is turned uside down. The "wild oats"sown ruin lives and cause repercussions that reverberate well into the next generation, while Allison finds help and a lasting love from an unexpected source.


Anonymous said...

Hi Margaret, I share your excitement today. I've read 'The Trouble With Playboys' and loved it. Reading ‘Wild Oats’ will be pure pleasure. There is nothing like a great story to lift the spirit. You always write the best stories. Thank you (again). ----- Eric

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Eric,
I should be thanking you for the tremendous support you continually give me, I really appreciate it.

Leigh D'Ansey said...

What a beautiful cover!

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Leigh,
Thank you for dropping by, I apprecaite it. Yes it is a lovely cover. I was very pleased with it. My publisher The Wild Rose Press have wonderful cover artists.